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Corporate Values


    A Commitment to good corporate goverhance upholding high standard of ethics and integrity in all of its subsidiaries as a key to the success of the organization.


    Operating its business with the principle of responsibility and mutual respect towards business partners, employees, people and the community as well as towards the prevailing rules and law.

Nilai Perusahaan


    Berkomitmen pada tata kelola perusahaan yang baik dengan menjunjung tinggi standar etika dan tunduk pada segala peraturan serta hukum yang berlaku bagi seluruh anggota perusahaan sebagai kunci kesuksesan organisasi.

Who We Are

PT. Agung Concern, a professional company that highly regards the meaning of partnership both towards its employee and business partners based on the principle of the Indonesian philosophy of kinship in achieving competitive advantages in all of its business processes in the transportation industry to provide customer satisfaction as well as the advancement of the company.

Siapa Kami

PT. AGUNG CONCERN, perusahaan profesional yang menjunjung tinggi arti kemitraan kepada karyawan dan mitra usahanya yang didasari semangat kekeluargaan untuk mencapai keunggulan kompetitif dalam semua proses kegiatan usaha demi kepuasan pelanggan dan kemajuan perusahaan.

Professional Selling Skills Training

PSST training is advanced training for the sales force after six months before the training FST. PSST training in the first batch of 2014 was held at The Hills Batam, which lasted for 5 days from the date of February 17 to 21, 2014. Training was attended by 30 salespeople from branch Batu Ampar, Tanjung Pinang, Sekupang, Pekanbaru BC Amin and Kerinci. 

The facilitator of this training is that training local instructors Mother and Sister Lydia Mayati Sri Astuti. 

ToT Training Product Knowledge Yaris

ToT Training Product Knowledge Training of Trainers is Product Knowledge about the latest products for the Sales Supervisor, Sales Supervisor who will the material be mendeploymentkan his training to the sales force in each branch. ToT training this time of the Toyota Yaris, held at SM Amin Automall Branch Court on February 8, 2014. Training time is different from the previous ToT Training, where participants can see firsthand units of the latest Toyota Yaris.

After Sales Certification Exam

Certification Exam is an exam for technicians who have the training and has been through a period of OJT to get certified mechanic level directly from Toyota Japan. Certification exam 2014 will be conducted in 4 batches. Batch I of 2014 held in February. Certification exam this time was held in the Riau Islands branch Sekupang for the region, held in Region Jambi Jambi Branch I, area Pekanbaru Pekanbaru implemented in Local Training and implemented in the branch area of Kuta Bali. 


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